Salt Lake City Wedding

I have lived in Utah my entire life and Salt Lake City is one of my very favorite places in the state. There is so much history and beauty! The architecture is unrealvand the people are so warm. Highly recommend getting married there if you can. Salt Lake City is a perfect spot for a wedding.

Abby & Brayden's wedding day was one the most beautiful and completely unexpected days I've ever been a part of.

From their sweet & quiet ceremony, riding around in a vintage car, to the prettiest backyard dinner with their closest loved ones. Every detail was so so tender and every detail was true to them.

They started their day by walking down the aisle at Capitol's Hill White Memorial Chapel. It was built in 1883 and has some of the most beautiful building details. Seriously, this venue such a cool place to document.

Then from there they rode down to south Salt Lake City to celebrate their big day with one of the most beautiful wedding dinners I have ever documented. Mid dinner it decided to start pouring rain, which had everyone scrambling under the deck to keep dry. 

You would think this would have ruined their wedding day but we made the best of it and took some amazing shots in the downpour. From there everyone just got cozied up together and told stories about the couple. This would probably be one of my very favorite memories as wedding photographer.

It didn't matter to the family how they spent the day, it just mattered to them that they were together honoring two beautiful people coming together.

abby + brayden | wedding in salt lake city, utah


the car _


After their ceremony, they rented the most amazing Thunderbird from Utah Vintage Cars as their getaway car! It belong to the owners grandpa and was incredible shape. I truly loved working with them.

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