how to plan your utah elopement

1. Decide where
Take a look at my Utah elopement location guide to read about my fav spots & location tips

2. Decide when
When making this choice, please account for things like weather, temperature, and tourism.

Utah experiences every season in the extreme. Insane amounts of snow, dry scorching summers, vivid autumns, and wet + flowery springs. Literally breathtaking. It's one of the prettiest states because of this! Just be sure to know what you're getting into and do your research really before settling on when.

Congratulations on deciding to elope!

Planning an elopement can be a fun and exciting process. There's a lot that goes into it, but at the core of it is your relationship. Make sure you're prioritizing that throughout the entire planning process and hopefully this post helps you!

& Without further ado... Here are some tips to help make sure your special day goes off without a hitch:

3. Get your legal ducks in a row
In Utah you must have a marriage license, an officiant & two witnesses!

5. Go do the damn thing!

& now here's a beautiful mountain elopement that hopefully inspires you in planning your own ♥

4. Pick your people

guests —
The beautiful thing about elopements is that they get to be anything you want them to be. You can invite a ton of guests or none at all. My advice is to do what makes you happiest and let go of the rest.

vendors —

invest in people you trust. Invest in vendors who are on your team. They really can become some of your best friends & your biggest ally's during a crazy time. If you need recommendations for Utah specific vendors, please send me a message.

getting your license — you can get your license from any county clerks office in utah. it's $50 & expires after 30 days. Bring along your social security cards and your photo ID's as well. Shouldn't take long and as soon as your done, you can legally get married in Utah!

your officiant —

as long as your officiant is certified in the state you can go with anyone you want! a lot of couple opt for someone who know their love, but you may also consider finding a local church leader or someone who specializes in elopements.

your witnesses —

all good if you're just wanting to keep it intimate. you can ask me to be one, and to bring an assistant who can sign as the second if you prefer,  or even someone on the side of a trail who saw it. they just gotta be over 18 years old.

reach out

how to elope in utah

inquire with me & also get help planning your own elopement