little sahara elopement

Little Sahara has some of the most magical light out there. If you are planning on getting married, or eloping at this location I would definitely consider doing it at sundown. There's just something about golden hour here. It's sparkly and warm and truly feels like gold. And then on into blue hour, the moon that came out during this shoot made me the happiest ever.  I kind of just wanna cry every time I have the chance to take photos on into blue hour. It's that open sky and movement the sand creates that just documents so so well.

I had the privilege of shooting Collin and Maddie's engagement photos, bridal photos and eventually their wedding. They are honestly one of the tenderest couples I've ever photographed. Utah is filled with so many amazing brides and grooms, but I count myself so lucky to have been able to document their sweet love story.

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utah desert elopement


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