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1. Nostalgia & Authenticity:
One of my favorite aspects of shooting with 35mm film is the nostalgia it evokes. It transports us back to a time when photography was a carefully planned and thought out art form. The tangible nature of film creates a sense of truthfulness and a connection with the past, which honestly allows me to be so much more present when I'm taking photos.

2. Patience:
Unlike digital photography, where instant previews and unlimited shots are readily available, 35mm film forces us to intentional. With a limited number of exposures on a roll, every frame is so so precious. This limitation encourages us to compose our shots carefully, consider lighting conditions, and strive for that perfect exposure. Waiting for film to be delveloped is like waiting to open presents on Christmas morning and that is one of my favorite feelings.

3. Unpredictability:
Film has a unique way of capturing light and colors that digital sensors often struggle to replicate. The grain structure and color rendition of different film stocks create a distinct aesthetic that has its own charm. Film enthusiasts often rave about the vibrant hues, rich tonality, and the organic feel of film photographs. Each film stock has its own personality, allowing photographers to choose the one that best suits their vision.
4. Skill:
Shooting with film requires a deeper understanding of photography fundamentals. Without the luxury of instant feedback, photographers must rely on their knowledge of exposure, composition, and lighting to capture the desired result. This process fosters a deeper appreciation for the technical aspects of photography, encouraging continuous learning and growth as a photographer.

5. Darkroom Printing:
For those who venture into the world of film, the darkroom becomes a sacred space. The process of developing and printing your own photographs is an art form in itself. From the satisfaction of developing your negatives to the thrill of watching an image appear in the developer tray, each step of the darkroom process is filled with anticipation and creativity. The ability to make adjustments and control every aspect of the final print offers a level of creative expression that is literal magic. I will also sometimes use a local film lab, The find lab, and they do amazing work too!

In a world overrun by digital tech and instant gratification, there is something magical about film photography. It's my very favorite medium and it has truly withstood the test of time.

Every click of the button is so thought out. It's a slower way to photograph & I think that's beautiful. There's beauty about digital too, but the patience that comes from shooting film is something I want to bring to my business. The intentionality that comes from the ability to manually focus and expose the image, as well as the ability to select and process the film. There is so much possibility with each roll and you really have to know how to work a camera to create this way.

That's what makes it worthwhile.

Film is a much slower way to photograph. It's one of the most intentional mediums and in my opinion, one of the best ways to hold onto emotion. There is so much beauty in going slow and staying present while creating & it makes for some of my best work.

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film feels like intention. 

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