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January 29, 2022

This morning took my breath away

I haven't shot in so long so I got up at the bum crack of dawn to meet up with my sister. (you know how badly I wanted to shoot bc I have a newborn baby & sacrificed precious sleep lol) We showed up at the lake and the lighting was magic. There was a little crescent moon and the water looked like glass. I was so ecstatic. When to grab my camera bag & realized I had left it at home by my front door.

So I panicked a bit, shed a lil tear & drove the 16 mins home + 16 mins back. My baby moon was gone, the sun was a lot higher and the lighting wasn't quite as perfect but I still got to shoot today.

Long story short. Sometimes things don't go according to plan but they do work out how they're supposed to. Just be kind to yourself in those moments.

Utah Lake is truly one of my favorite places to take photos. It is known for its stunning sunsets, diverse wildlife, and diversity. It has a way of leaving me feeling whole again - which is a feeling I chase a lot during sessions. Every single time I walk away from a photo session here I I feel rejuvenated and inspired.  The light is golden, the water is sparkly and warm in the summers, it's magical and beautiful and open. I just love how different it is each season.

It tends to remind me of the ocean - a warm beach mid summer with water to play in, a cloudy moody beach in the fall that somehow feels like Oregon. The ice in the winter & colorful greens and flowers in the spring. I have yet to find another location that photographs as well year round. It holds such a special place in my heart.

If you'd like to book your own session at this magical place, reach out here!

sunrise adventure photo shoot at utah lake

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