Las Vegas Wedding

|  Paiton + Gavin

Paiton + Gavin's wedding day absolutely BLEW ME AWAY!!

Paiton has the most unique style and personality. One of her greatest loves is color!! Her wedding day pretty much shouted it from the rooftops.

She told me she was channeling Alice in Wonderland while she was planning. From her flower socks, the custom lace mushrooms on her dress, to the giant flower cut outs she had around the venue. There were so many subtle nods to the story I was swooning. 

She chose a trendy vendor collective near the strip in Las Vegas that had bright pink Bougainvillea vines all over the place. They had so many flowers, colorful dresses, thrifted eye-catching glass bottles. There were giant mind boggling sculptures and art work at the venue too (nodding even more towards Alice in Wonderland). Their day felt like a kaleidoscope in the very best way. So unique! 

Every single one of their plans we true to who they are, and the day was such blast to anyone in attendance. I think the bride nailed the Alice in Wonderland vibe completely, but also made sure the day had a really intimate feel to it too. All of her loved ones gathered to celebrate them and there was just so much love and joy. It was a magical day and I felt so grateful to celebrate with them and their sweet families.

Their wedding is great reminder to future brides +grooms to let go of the pressure of trends and put together a day that feels UNIQUELY TRUE TO THEM!

(the gallery below is a mix of 35mm film photography & digital photography)

Bouquets: I Do Weddings Las Vegas
Venue: Ferguson's Downtown
Dress: Off White Bride
Hair and Makeup:
Live music: Isabella Ivy 
Rentals: RSVP Rentals

Alice in Wonderland inspired Wedding in Las Vegas

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