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Film photography is a type of photography that uses film, rather than digital sensors, to capture images. In film photography, light passes through the camera lens and onto the film, where it is recorded and stored as a latent image. Then it gets developed using chemicals to create a physical print of the image. You have to wait awhile to get your images. There's no instant gratification like with digital or iphones. Which requires patience, but makes it so worthwhile. This process is truly why I love to document stories using 35mm. 

 Plus I think It's kind of like opening a present after the hype of a big event has worn off a little lol

 Film photography has a distinct aesthetic, with a warm, rich tonality and a subtle, organic quality that is difficult to replicate digitally. Film photography also requires a different set of skills and techniques, including the ability to manually focus and expose the image, as well as the ability to select and process the film. There is so much possibility with each roll and you really have to know how to work a camera to create this way, but again, that what makes it worthwhile.

you don't have unlimited shots like with digital. Every click of the button is so thought out. it's a slower way to photograph & I think that's beautiful. There's beauty about digital too, but the patience that comes from shooting film is something I want to bring to my business.

When When Karlee reached out to me about booking their anniversary session using only film, I about died and went to heaven. My shutter curtain decided to take a dive during their session, so these aren't perfect, but it just makes me love them more. Film is a much slower way to photograph. It's of of the most intentional mediums and in my opinion, one of the best ways to hold onto emotion.

Take a look below at one of my favorite film sessions ever. Karlee and Ty on a picnic in the beautiful Utah mountains. They truly have such a tender love & documenting that using film allowed me to highlight it in so many ways. The slowness of the medium allowed them to slow down and focus on each other - which created some of the most authentic photos of their sweet relationship.

film feels like intention. 

35mm photographer in utah

 a picnic with Ty + Karlee

Film is a much slower way to photograph. It's one of the most intentional mediums and in my opinion, one of the best ways to hold onto emotion. There is so much beauty in going slow and staying present while creating & it makes for some of my best work.

Interested in booking a film session of your own with me? Reach out here or check out some more of my film work below to get a feel for what we can create together.

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