Documentary style photographER

Instead of straight posing I like to storytell. It's a documentary way of documenting who you are.  I'm not the kind of photographer that's gonna tell you to "stand still in this exact spot and hold your arms exactly here with this exact type of smile" - it's my belief that I would be doing your authentic relationship a disservice.

So instead, during my shoots, we focus on movement and sharing memories with each other. Usually I'll give you a type of movement to do and have you just talk to each other! Which usually results in couples laughing about old inside jokes lol 

For me, it's about giving prompts instead of letting you become statues. Which in my 7 years of experience, is the best way to capture each unique relationship just as it is.

Because at the end of the day, it's should never be about how instagram able a photo is - it's should be about something real.

vintage car elopement

salt flats

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